Islam preaches mercy for all creation Print
Thursday, 16 July 2009 07:33

AFTER 9/11, Islam and Muslims have been targeted and accused of violence and terrorism. The reality is that terrorists have no religion and this is specially true because they have targeted and killed probably more Muslims than non-Muslims.

Islam is against all anti-social behavior and it has clearly defined the rights of every creation, including animals and plants. It has outlined our duties towards each other and defined how our relationships with each other should be.

The rights and duties of parents and children towards each other, for example, or those of wives and husbands or masters and servants have all been explained.

Islam orders Muslims to be good with their neighbors, irrespective of their status in society, color or religion. It orders the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice in the society.


Our duty is not restricted to our relatives or neighbors alone, but it also includes common people we meet on the street. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was a mercy to the Alameen (all creation). Islam promotes welfare of all humanity. It orders rich Muslims to pay Zakat (obligatory charity) to the needy people.


Moreover, the right to education is very much emphasized. Islam orders free education for all. Every citizen should have access to free learning and this is a responsibility on every Muslim state.


Furthermore, Islam does not allow its followers to swear at the gods of people of other religions. It prohibits forceful conversions and promotes tolerance.


Muslim rule from its very beginning provide a living proof of its tolerance and humanitarian approach.

''Jazaakallaahu khairan'' islamthalam