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Monday, 31 August 2009 21:51


This Quran is hand-written by Emperor Aurangazeb (RA) nearly 400 years ago. It is 13.5 kg in weight, 39.5 CM long and 20 CM wide.

It has Golden and silver colored graving. Every page has a different perfumery smell and to avoid fire accidents the pages are fire proofed.

Police captured the person, M.G.. Sukumar (from Kerala), who was trying to sell it for 5 Crore Rupees.

Indian continent Kerala Police has arrested Mr. M.G. Sukumar (44) resident of Trichur, who is going to sell this Quran for 5 crores Indian Rupees ( IRS.5,00,00,000) equal to 10 million $. And it has been sent to Hyderabad for verification of script.

This Holy Qura'n written by Mughal Emperor AURANGZEB in his own hand writing before 400 hundred years ago (During 1636-44 & 1653-58).


 - It's weight measured as 13 KG.

- Size: Length 39.5I cm. and width 20 cm.

- The text was graving with Gold & Silver

- This Qura'n papers are made by fireproof material.

- It's every page giving different type of perfume smell

Aurangzeb-A Ruler of Single Largest State In India

 Hardly anyone remembers that he governed India for nearly as long as Akbar did (over 48 years) and that he left the empire larger than he found it. In fact Aurangzeb ruled the single largest state ever in Indian history, with the exception of British India.