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Wednesday, 20 May 2009 14:36


I want to get involved in combating the new challenge of educating our young generation and establishing a think tank to make the future generation of Indian Muslims motivated towards the pursuit of Education. I have a dream of "No Muslim child in India to be left behind for education".

The message I wish to give to our Young Muslim is to consider Education not just a means to conquer the outer space but also the inner space, so that we must be able to conquer the atom as well as our prejudice. We must learn to clean the pollution of the air and also not allow to pollute our souls and heart.

I believe Education in this century is extremely important as never before, to face the complex and unique challenges that the mankind is facing all over the world today.

We need young Muslims to be educated to make this world more secure and peaceful, to understand and communicate more intelligently, to negotiate, to agree to disagree respectfully, to resolve mutual conflicts in amicable and civilized ways, to demand Justice and human rights in a democratic way and also to learn to compromise in the interest of Peace and humanity.

Islam attaches great importance to the acquisition of Education. The time has come for the Indian Muslims to embark in search of Education and Knowledge.

Every Muslim parent must understand that their future depends on how well they educate their children. Parents must teach their children that only through Education they can achieve whatever they dream and wish and live a respectable life.

Education must not be acquired just to get a better paying job, but to brighten our lives with awareness, confidence and to see what is coming in future. All Indian Muslims should contribute to build individuals and our beloved country India, all along positive and progressive lines.


Note: Meher Tabassum is a Scientist working at Division of Remote Handling and Robotics, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India. She is a Government of India employee, with an official status of Class I Gazetted Officer.

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