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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 10:07

The United States is worried not only about Iran’s nuclear program but also about its industrial, scientific, and technological achievements.

Now, Iran is a fast-paced developing country with immense advancement in technology; launching satellites and missiles, manufacturing automobile, acquiring scientific know-hows, etc…

This is not being digested by United States.

Just like China, Iran is emerging as a super power and there is no way to stop this now.

All praise should go for Iranian people. It was the 1979 Islamic Revolution by Ayatullah Khomeini that led to today’s powerful Iran. 

Iran is emerging as a super power as she deserves it. Iran and Iranian nation is only country in the region that stands up against western arrogant and Zionists. They are very smart people. They are combining modern Islam with the rich Persian culture. Muslim people should be happy. Iranian are defending Islam and poor people of the world. They are just few years away to settle the new version of Persian Empire that defend Islamic country and other desperate nations.

Iran invested in its people and that ultimately contributed to the great advancement Iran has made which put to shame the ones who rely on the west for every screw driver they re made believe that they need. I am neither Shia nor what they call it Sunni, I am Muslim that follows the Quran and the teaching of Prophet Mohammed (Saaws) and Iran has made me proud, very proud. May Allah (Swt) bring victory to all Muslims around the world and may he bring his wrath on the wicked and the non believers.

Iran's biggest potential asset is the culture/history, exemplified in 'good thought, good word, good action', renewed through the quranic message and reinforced and interpreted through the works of Rumi, Saadi, Hafez etc. Science and technology will provide the practical means of self-defense against incresingly extreme/desperate western predators, but only the heart of the people can make real 'greatness'. If this falls to personal greed and self-esteem - nafs-e-amara? - then superpower status is a temporary self-delusion. No threat can change the person I am. No threat can make me believe two and two make five. This world is the posession of illusion, or the illusion of posession.

"There’s nothing America or Israel can do about Iran!"

There is nothing America or Israel can do about Iran, the latter has long crossed the threshold of military containment.  

If Israel and America take the war option, Iran will bring the West to its knees with oil blockade.

Iran cannot defend itself in the air, but navel warfare is Tehran's trump card. 

Iran posses sophisticated mines, high speed torpedoes, navel missiles and zealous revolutionary guards who are fully trained in asymmetrical warfare and can fight for decades.  

I believe the lessons of Afghan and Iraq wars have managed to go through the dual wall of western ignorance and arrogance.  

Sources: viewers opinion from, Al jazeera.com