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Tuesday, 23 December 2008 17:20

After 30 years, Saudi Arabia set to lift ban on films. “A movie could possibly be acceptable if it serves good and is suitable under Islam,” Head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Ibrahim al-Gaith was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph. 

Shampoos no cure for dandruff: Scientists

 Chennai: Scientists have pooh-poohed advertised claims that shampoos, most of them endorsed by celebrities, could get rid of dandruff.  Insisting that dandruff is not curable, they cite a Chennai study involving 250 persons, selected randomly, to say that men are more vulnerable to the disease.  “Our study has found that people with O and AB blood groups are more susceptible to dandruff though people with other blood groups are not free from it,” said Dr S.  Gokul Shankar, who led the team of researchers. 

(Readers opinion from the largest circulated Indian Newspaper)

Does BJP and Indian Army gain from Karkare's death?

0   2008 Mumbai Terror Attack- Hotel Taj attacked- several taken as hostage- one to get killed in the initial phase of shootout between terrorists and the police was ATS chief Karkare. ATS chief broke all conventional rules and worked against the tide when he arrested a hindu spiritual leader for bomb blast. One of the other arrested by him was an army personnel. It wont be a surprise that both BJP and Army would be relieved. BJP suddenly finds the tide moving in their favour and army now doesnt have to worry about their internal issues being taken to public. All these can be mere coincidence. But doesnt BJP and Indian Army both gain tremendously from Karkare's death? [I am not implying anything here. Just calculating the situation :) ]

 0   Antulay is right is asking for the probe. There is definately something more than meets the eye. And in all this definately Sangh Parivar stands to gain. 

0   By critisizing Mr. Antulay, we are just showing our narrow mind. The piont is, whenever any incident take place, our intellegence should investigate for all the lossibilities.This is what, Mr. Antulay wants to say. He never say, Pakistani terrorist ware not involved in Mumbai, so where is the problem. 

0   There's no doubt that Pakistanis are involved in this and Pakistan burnt its hand in it. However Karkere's death has definately provided the sangh parivar the upper hand. Two theories are possible: 1) Either the sangh parivar sponsered the Pakistani killers to eliminate Karkere, as both benefitted? 2) Sangh parivar used the oppurtunity to eliminate Karkare with the assistance of ofcourse, inner people. 

0   This call for a thorough enquiry in the case of 3 policemen sitting in a police vehicle and got killed by terrorist. Maharashtra government should coordinate with investigation agency to clear the doubt in the minds of millions of Indian and prove their innocence and pure unfortunate coincidence!!! 

0   It is common when a person receives a threat and dies a natural death the culprit behind the threat is arrested so as in this case a transparent if required foreign agency to investigate this case because Karkare had brought to limelight the hindu terrorism being carried within the country and also in pakistan under the RAW network. The most important thing is that pakistan govt. is also a part and parcel of all this crisis only interested in collecting funds in the name of fighting against terrorism. The only and the only true fact, the mastermind of the shootout at Taj, Oberio and nariman point is the handiwork of BJP, pakistan govt and the Isreal govt. If remembered on 26/11 the foreign ministers of pakistan and isreal where present in india.  

Antulay seeks probe into Karkare's killing 

NEW DELHI: Minority affairs minister A R Antulay on Wednesday set off a major political row by demanding a probe into the shooting of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare in the 26/11 terror strikes which he linked to investigations into the alleged involvement of Hindu radicals in the Malegaon blast case.

Stating that the circumstances of Karkare's shooting "may be inquired into", Antulay seemed to have borrowed a leaf from Pakistani TV hosts who have claimed that the Mumbai attacks were the handiwork of "Hindu-Zionists". Antulay told the media outside Parliament's gate number 12 that "there must have been some reason why Karkare went to Cama hospital instead of Taj and Oberoi hotels."

Antulay said "someone" could have told Karkare and other officers with him to go to Cama hospital, suggesting that the ATS chief fell victim to a set-up as he was probing cases which involved Hindu radicals in the Malegaon case. The comments were immediately televised and triggered an uproar in Lok Sabha where BJP and Shiv Sena MPs vehemently criticised the minister who insisted that directions issued to the officer must be probed.

A red-faced Congress swiftly dissociated itself from the minister with party spokesperson Abhisekh Singhvi saying, "We don't accept the inference and the innuendo that underline the statement (of Antulay)...we don't agree with bringing this case (Karkare's killing) under a cloud."

Left backing for Antulay

 With the government due to make a statement in Parliament on the Antulay controversy, the Left on Sunday backed the minister by claiming that the circumstances of ATS chief Hemant Karkare’s death and the terror attacks on Mumbai were two entirely different issues. “Clubbing the two things would be wrong; Antulay has not denied the Pakistani role in the Mumbai attacks,” CPI leader D Raja told TOI.

-Times of india