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Wednesday, 13 January 2010 12:59

Man is the most beautiful creature of God on the earth.

God has granted him wisdom and intellect to shape the world in his own imagination, of course, aided by the divine guidance from time to time.

Education, skills, physical health, morals and values constitute the basic requirement for development.

 Individuals endowed with them lead the civilizations to its blossoming.

In modern terminology it is called Human Resource Development (HRD).

It presupposes a vast social and material infrastructure viz, schools, colleges, hospitals, financial institutions, training centres, employment centres, housing, sports and recreation facilities, and similar other institutions.

Vision 2016 

'Vision 2016', is an ambitious plan to bring about transformation on the social landscape of the country. It focuses on education, health, economic upliftment, empowerment of women and disaster management. The plan envisages the establishment of multifarious institutions across the country, with a strong human resource of committed volunteers and recognized community leaders.

The projects are run under the two-tier system with Human Welfare Trust (HWT) at the apex and various affiliate NGOs at implementation level spread all across the country. 'Vision 2016' has an estimated budget of Rs. 5000 crore, to be pooled from philanthropists and funding agencies. Dedication, financial transparency, professional expertise will be the hallmarks of the functioning of the HWT.


The right to education is a fundamental human right. UNESCO proposes basic literacy as the key activator to enable the masses to play their role in social and economic development. To attain 100 per cent literacy, the UNESCO espouses education for all by 2015. ‘Vision 2016’ is a dynamic plan to achieve this ambitious task by
• Arresting the drop out rate
• Community mobilization
• Economic incentives to attain literacy

The HWT considers education as a high priority sector. It has been carrying out yeomen service in the field of education.

'Vision 2016' for Educational Upliftment

• Setting up 1,000 schools in different states
• Grant of 1,00,000 scholarships for higher education
• Guidance and counseling centres in each state
• Student hostels in each state
• setting up 10 special schools
• Special scholarship schemes for 10,000 girls
• Ten children's homes (orphanages)
• Sponsorship for 1,000 kids

Accomplished and Ongoing Projects
Primary Schools 308
High Schools 149
Colleges 28
Technical Institutes 28
literacy centers 454
Hostels 44
Adult Education Centers 367
Career Guidance centers 4

Aid for students
• Educational help was extended to the tune of Rs. 1.5 crore was provided to 5,000 students by means of scholarships
• 10,000 school bags were distributed among the poor and the needy children

Career Guidance Centres
A Guidance and Information Centre of India (GICI) was inaugurated in Chennai under the ‘Vision-2016’ programme. The Centre is intended to disseminate information on educational opportunities and giving career guidance and coaching to students along with moral values. A similar centre has also been established in the state of Karnataka.

Capacity Enhancement of School
Two schools were taken up in Jharkhand under the scheme and grants were issued to enhance their existing capacity. A grant of Rs. 10 lakh has been made to Millennium Girl’s School in Hazaribagh.

New Schools and Hostels
Four new schools are proposed to be set up in Mewat (Haryana), Maharashra, West Bengal and Gujarat and land has been acquired. Construction will start soon. A girls’ hostel in West Bengal costing Rs. 17 lakh was constructed and formal commissioning awaits finishing work on the building.

Education Plan under 'Vision 2016' is estimated to cost Rs. 1,000 crore.

Ways to participate
• Sponsor a student : Rs. 5,000 per student / year
• Adopt an Orphan : Rs. 20,000 per student / year
• School / Class room adoption : Rs. 5 lakh / class room
• Capacity enhancement of School : Rs. 20 lakh / school
• Establishment of a new school or a hostel : Rs. 2 crore
• Sponsor an institute offering
technical & job-oriented courses : Rs. 5 crore / institute

"No Social Development can be conceived without focusing on Education".


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