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Sunday, 06 December 2009 07:33

It says: you cannot avoid them

But you can protect yourself

Your creator knows better your good wellness


It is true that male domination was prevalent in society till recently and its traces still exist. This is true of all communities. But in the case of Muslims, male dominance assumes a different colour because of the hijab. Muslim women had the right to property 1400 years ago. They could not be forcibly married. They had the right to divorce and widow re-marriage was accepted by society. They had the freedom of expression and participated in decision-making. Unfortunately, Muslims started following other communities in which men dominated and are paying the price for it.

Islam, while granting equal rights to women, advises them to use the hijab only to prevent male domination over them and to avoid situations causing the same. The crime rate against women is proof of the fact that irrespective of development, women are victims of sexual harassment. While taking up challenging careers and scaling new heights, women should also take care of family values.

N. Mohamed, Chennai  (courtesy: The Hindu)


This is a Letter to Your Beautiful Mind

from the scarfhead you glanced at uneasily

as you went past in the street today

as you pretended to take aim and fire

as you scornfully called out go back to iran or wherever

how old this is getting

i'd rather write about the sky

response #1: go with your gut, girl i wear this

for fun, actually. it's a scarf. deal with it.

response #2: politics and the fine art of the reactionary

no, i'm not oppressed -

not a soldier of wrath -

no, i'm not patriarchy's last victim -

no, i do have rights - i'm not a fundamentali - hey.

Hey! I'm talking to you -

response #3: the appeal to intellect through reason

I want someday to manage the word God in a poem

without committing travesty

response #4: it's ironic

how what covers my hair slows traffic scares boys

stops ultraviolet rays

starts riots keeps my ears warm in winter.

by rahat kurd copyright 1997 "You never understood me.

You never really tried."- Kate Bush This is

a Letter to Your Beautiful Mind from Rahat Kurd

from the scarfhead you glanced at uneasily

as you went past in the street today the one you judged

and dismissed in the fraction of a second it took for your eyes

to transmit the image to your brain. it is being written

out of a weary kind of anger because really i mean it's

only a scarf.

Relax the first response: go with your gut i

wear it because i want to. deal with it.

the second response: politics and the fine art of the reactionary

no i'm not oppressed no i don't come from iran

no i'm not a fundamentali- hey.

Hey! I'm TALKING to you--

third response: the appeal to intellect by reason my scarf,

my resolve, my love achieved after seventeen years

of edging apologetically

toward this fringe far out Islamic way of life

will command your respect:

assert my right to dignity over the insolent

stare of disbelief, contempt, or pity will declare

with pride our name, out faith, our identity



will keep my ears quite warm in winter, actually...


''Jazaakallaahu khairan'' http://www.jannah.org/sisters/hijpoem.html