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Sunday, 11 October 2009 18:08

YOU may beeeeee lamenting for your weaknesses Or else, you may attempt to strengthen you.

you may be worrying about the mistakes you have committed in the past orelse, plan for your bright future.

you may be bothered about something that may happen or not or else, you may venture into something to make in happen.

You may be listing the blunders that were committed or else, you may find ways to rectify yourself.

You may go ahead in life by things that are only know to you or else, you may venture into new assignments and win over time

You may reason out a small failure and withdraw from action or else, identify the reason and set right them.

You may blame others for all failures or else, accept The responsibility and solve them.

Life is like vehicle , it turns to the direction you guide. Drive it in the right . reach you goals at once.


''Jazaakallaahu khairan'' Nidur, M.NASEER ALI, DUBAI. UAE